We all cook. Some of us better, some of us worse, but in the end, both making an omelette and baking a pie count as cooking. Even putting a nice cocktail together could fall under this category, especially when trying to mix in some healthy ingredients. Also, a glass of spritzer to go with the oven-baked rice and chicken counts as a great meal – at least in our books. The purpose of this blog is not to compete with the many cooking blogs out there. Its purpose is to help those who, like us, hate throwing out any leftovers, and like simple, fast and tasty cooking. Our recipes are based on experience and, more importantly, lack of time. We know that, when one gets home, starved after a day’s work, going on a two-hour shopping and cooking spree does not make it high on the wish list. Therefore, our recipes offer a tasty and healthy solution to those with little time, but a healthy appetite. Enjoy!


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